Benefits of Oiling Belly Button

In terms of benefits of oiling belly button, it would be immense. But sadly a lot many people are not aware of the benefits it does go on to pose. Let us explain them in details

Cracking lips

Lips are one of the focal points of the human body. But once winter sets in the lips take a considerable beating. The reputation and look of it go on to tarnish considerably. Your look would lose its appeal, simply as the lips are not that great. One of the best remedial measures would be to apply mustard oil at night. For sure you are going to have a pair of attractive lips by this medium. By doing so you will have a pair of soft lips

Eye health

You cannot ignore the importance of eye in the human body. If the eyes are dry with wrinkle prone it would not go on to attract anyone. Therefore the health of the eye would be really important. Many people are known to suffer from poor vision as well. Before you sleep just pours in a couple of mustard oil at night. For sure it does work out to be an effective remedy and results will pour in.

When you have long lashes it does go on to enhance the beauty of your eyes. It would be common on the part of people to have small lashes that do take a toll on the beauty of their eyes. Just go on to apply a couple of teaspoon of castor oil and you will see the beauty of your eyes. It will go on to enhance by leaps and bounds.

In addition, if there are dark circles below the eyes it does make the eyes look dull and weak. You can expect the beauty of the eyes to reduce as well. If you want things to really work, just pour in a couple of teaspoons of olive oil in the belly button. This should be done before you go to bed and the results will emerge in the days to come.


There would be no one who does not want their fertility system not be strong. A lot of time they resort to the use of medicines. But all this you can avoid if you apply a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil to your belly button before you sleep. This would contribute to better levels of fertility in a big way.

Joint pain or pain in the knees

Once you touch the age of 40 pains in the knees does seem to be very common. The knees become painful and you can hardly barely walk. The joints to join in this and you may feel that it would be hardly possible to move. So in order to tackle the problem, you would need to apply castor oil  your belly button. Do it before you go to be. The results will be encouraging in the days to come as well.