15. Pearson Speaking and Writing Exam Structure

The students who wish to apply to foreign universities where the medium of instruction that is used is English, have to appear for one of the many English language proficiency exams. There are many English language proficiency exams and tests that the potential students are free to choose from. However, a very large percentage of the students who wish to secure admissions in foreign educational institutes prefers to appear for the Pearson Test of English. Some of the major reasons why students prefer this exam as compared to other proficiency exams are:

  • The Pearson test of English dates is very close to one another so the students have more chances of appearing in the test.
  • The students are free to avail an amazing option and schedule the test according to their own convenience and comfort.
  • The test is automated which means that it is scored and taken by a computer over an active internet connection.
  • Being automated provides another advantage to the students and the test results are provided to the students quickly as compared to the other tests. The test takers are most likely to receive their test results within five days of taking the test.
  • The Pearson English test is divided into sections and modules which makes it easier to prepare and appear for the test.


The Pearson English test is basically divided into three sections or modules namely:

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

The test taker has to successfully complete all three sections of a test to finish the test. Each module has its own focus and tests a certain skill level or areas of the language. Each section has its own designated time which means that the test taker has to finish that section in the allotted time.

Speaking and Writing Module:

One of the most intimidating modules of the Pearson English exam is the Pearson Speaking and Writing Exam Structure. People feel that it is the toughest module of the test. However that is not the case. In order to eliminate this fear of people, it is very important to understand and get comfortable with the Pearson Speaking and Writing Exam Structure. It is fairly simple. This module is further divided into the following segments:

  1. Personal Introduction
  2. Read Aloud
  3. Describe an Image
  4. Retell a lecture
  5. Short Questions related to comprehension
  6. Writing section

The main focus of Pearson Speaking and Writing Exam Structureis to test the proficiency and skill of the test taker in the areas of pronunciation and presenting views and opinions on a general topic. The time that is allotted and given to the test taker to complete this section is somewhere between seventy-seven to ninety-three minutes. Since the test is automated and a computer that has an active internet connection is the examiner and the scorekeeper for the test, therefore, a computer, a pair of headphones and a microphone to speak into is provided to every test taker taking the exam or test.